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Microfinish Overlay Stained Concrete Prices - Ver. 4-3

Thank you for visiting our Microfinish Overlay Stained Concrete Price page, here we will go over some of the options that we offer for microfinishes and the pricing for them. Before we go too far, here is a quick primer on microfinishes to make sure you are in the right place. We recommend microfinishes for those people who are looking to apply a concrete stain on their existing interior concrete floors that have carpet, tile, or linoleum on them. After removing the existing flooring we apply a microfinish overlay to resurface the floor with a thin layer of concrete prior to spraying on the concrete stain. This covers all the defects that we normally find in the floor such as tack strip holes, carpet glue lines, and tile "ghost images" that will immediately show up if we try to stain the existing concrete without first resurfacing it. For more information visit our microfinish overlay section by clicking the link below.

What are the factors affecting microfinish overlay stained concrete prices? Compared to a direct acid stain where we apply the concrete stain to your existing concrete (recommended for new construction or exterior concrete) the overlay process involves two to three coats of resurfacing material prior to staining. There are also other additional steps we need to take before applying the overlay to make sure it will stick tightly to the floor. Once it has dried it will take a concrete stain just like your original concrete floor without showing any of the defects. Over all it creates a beautiful stained concrete floor in homes that previously had other types of flooring in them. Most of our customers say the microfinish overlay creates an aged leather type of look on their floors.

Microfinish stained concrete prices are very competitive with tile and wood laminates, and substantially less than actual wood installations. It's a unique and durable alternative to more traditional flooring options that will really highlight your home.

We hope this microfinish overlay stained concrete price estimator helps in your decision making process, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a quote. We service the entire Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex area.