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      Concrete Countertop Prices - Interior / Exterior (ver. 4.3)  
      Step 1 (Precast/Cast in place)          
      Are you looking for a Precast (made in our shop and installed in sections) or a Cast in place (poured directly on site)   Pick an option      
    countertop? Precast is more economical and has seams while cast in place is seamless but does cost more.
    How many square feet of concrete countertops are you looking to have installed? Pricing includes a polyurethane sealer
    that offers excellent stain resistance. We can offer either a matte (pictured below) or gloss finish.
    Step 2 (Edges)
    What type of an edge do you want? We include a Standard edge which has a straight, vertical face in our base price.
    Pick an option
    We do offer Upgraded edges such as beveled, round, angled, wedge, and chipped stone for an additional cost.
    Step 3 (Finishes)
    What type of finish would you like? Our Standard finish includes an integral color mixed in with the concrete. Upgraded
    Pick an option
    finishes include Acid Staining to create a variegated surface or Polished concrete that creates a mirror like surface.
    Step 4 (Tearout)
    Pick an option
    Do you currently have countertops that we will have to remove? Cost is based on removing the same ft2 as will be installed.
    Step 5 (Travel charge)
    Our normal service area is around 30 miles from Denton, TX (no additional charge) if you are further out then we may have
    Zip code
    an additional travel charge. Type in your zip code, if the result is "Out of area" please call us to see if we service your area.
      Total estimated cost for concrete countertops:      
      Thank you for using our estimator. We hope it will help in your decision making process, however there are many factors that affect the final quoted price of a project and all may not be reflected here. We have a minimum $1,500 charge for concrete countertops. Call us at 972-910-2608 or click on the "Get a Quote" button on top to set up an estimate for your project. Please keep in mind that we have a $25 quote charge for visiting with you that we immediately discount from the job if you decide to proceed with the work.  
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