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"What's the Damage?" - A concrete patio resurface project in Prosper, TX

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Sometimes you just have to change course to get where you need to go. That was the case of this small concrete patio resurface project we did in Prosper, TX. The homeowner called us after he had twice before replaced the granite tiles in his back patio. It seemed that over the winter everything would contract, especially the grout, and when summer rolled around the tiles just "popped" off. He was just tired of it and wanted an economical alternative solution, with special emphasis on "economical."

We immediately suggested the skim coat overlay which is the most economical way to complete a concrete patio resurface project. He loved the idea and we got to work, first removing the loose granite tiles, grinding off all the thinset that was barely holding it in place, and then applying the skim coat, scoring it into a tile pattern, and sealing it. In the interest of saving a little more, he decided against staining it.

Pricing for a concrete patio resurface project using the skim coat technique is based on a few factors. Size, of course, matters; the larger the project, the lower the cost per square foot. Next is whether we have to remove anything from the floor before we start. If there is tile, paint, or any other coating on the floor, we normally remove it before putting down the overlay to make sure that it will stick tightly to the original concrete floor. Another factor to consider is whether we are going over an exposed aggregate finish. This is where there are little stones sticking out of the surface. If we are, then the cost goes up a little more as it takes more material to fill in the space between the stones. Finally, cracks—we almost always find them in any concrete patio resurface project. We fill them in with an epoxy to help minimize the possibility of them coming back.

These are the basic steps we need to take to apply the skim coat overlay. We always include a base color in the overlay material at no additional charge, but if you are looking to dress things up a little more, then we can apply a stain to the skim coat and even score it into a tile or stone pattern. Either way will work; it just depends on your taste and, of course, your budget.

Our Prosper, TX client skipped the staining for his concrete patio resurface project but really liked the idea of scoring it into a diamond pattern. We think he made a good choice.

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