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Stamped Concrete Exterior Pricing Ver. 4.3

Thank you for visiting our Stamped Concrete Pricing page. We will explain some of the options that are available for your exterior concrete floors and let you work up an estimate as to how much it would cost for us to do it for your project in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex area. Let's start with a quick primer about what a stamped overlay is and if it is the right option for you.

Let's start by clarifying the point that this is an overlay, i.e., we are placing a thin layer (about 1/4" thick) over your existing concrete floor and stamping it. This is not patterned concrete where a full depth concrete slab is poured first to then be immediately stamped with a pattern. So how does this work? First we start by preparing the surface for the overlay process which usually involves power washing or grinding to remove anything that might prevent our overlay material from sticking tightly to the floor. We then apply the overlay material in a thin coat and at the right moment press or "stamp" a rubber matt that has a stone pattern into the material, transferring the pattern into the overlay. This overlay material helps cover up defects in your original concrete flooring including cracks, pits, scratches, stains, and other minor imperfections while creating a beautiful, stone-like texture on the surface.

What affects stamped concrete pricing? The biggest factor how many square feet we are doing, the larger the project, the lower the cost per square foot. Next is how much we need to prepare the surface prior to applying the overlay, if we have to grind material off, the cost will go up. Another factor is if the floor has an exposed aggregate finish. The overlay material will fill in the gaps between these small stones that stick out of the surface and that means more material will be consumed. Also affecting stamped concrete pricing are cracks. We usually apply a crack fill material to help minimize them from coming back.

The next two options depend on what is the final result you would like to see in the floor. We can score it (cut a narrow, shallow groove) into a tile or stone pattern to give it some personality or just leave it as is. If you do want to score it we can also grout the scored lines so that they are level with the rest of the floor. As to color, our stamped overlays include mixing pigment into the overlay material to give it a base color and up to two highlight colors to make them stand out a little. If you are looking for more "pop" we can also individually stain different stones so that they stand out from the rest.

We hope this Stamped Concrete Pricing estimator helps you in deciding which way to go. Don't hesitate in contacting us if you have other questions or to schedule a quote. We service the entire Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex area. Thank you.