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Concrete Stamping Projects

Welcome to our stamped concrete overlay projects page. Although the terms stamping and patterned concrete are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. Stamped overlay is a process where we create a stone-like look over existing concrete floors using a rubber matt that has a stone pattern in it. Stamped concrete is usually found outdoors where it can be easily cleaned with a garden hose. Patterned concrete is a process where the same stone-like look is created during the pouring of a new concrete floor. Don't worry if it sounds confusing; just take some time to read through our projects and all will be explained in greater detail. Of all the decorative concrete services we offer, stamped and patterned concrete are our premiere lines where we really make your concrete floors stand out. We can usually apply a stamped overlay to a 500 ft2 area in about four to five days.


•   Creates a very authentic looking stone-like appearance

•   Blends new and old concrete to make it all look the same

•   Can be acid stained or water stained to create a variegated look

•   Can be applied over exposed aggregate concrete to "soften" it

•   Fixes concrete floors with more extensive damage because it's applied in thicker coats


•   Most expensive option for a stone like appearance

•   Longest installation time of all the options

Stamped overlays are generally priced in the the $5 - $9 per square foot range. Larger projects have a lower cost per square foot than smaller projects. We have a $1,500 minimum for our work. Please give us a call for an estimate or use our Project Estimators for an instant quote.

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