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"Score!" - Patterns in concrete enhance this Ennis, TX patio

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There are many great things about purchasing a home with an expansive backyard – there’s plenty of room for children and pets to run and play, and there’s enough space for homeowners to customize the yard to their liking. A huge backyard offers the potential for a garden, a swimming pool, a trampoline... the possibilities are endless! But one challenge of having a large yard is that an adjacent patio can be swallowed up by it, losing its visual impact. That is why the new owners of this Ennis, TX home called us in – they wanted us to make their patio pop and impress.

They planned to spend some quality time outside, enjoying all that nature has to offer and were looking to create a cozy environment, for both friends and family. Nothing was really wrong with the existing concrete patio, but there was nothing special about it either. They called us in to see if we could help them with their problem.

After talking it over with them, everyone agreed that creating patterns in concrete would add the special touch in making the patio the focal point of the yard. There are different ways to create patterns in concrete, particularly when we combine it with the trowel down overlay they asked us to put down; these range from tape to stencils to scoring. Tape and stencils are pretty much the same, you put it down first, put the overlay on top, and while it's still soft you pull it up, leaving behind a pattern where the tape or stencil was on the floor. Scoring is the practice of cutting into existing flooring using a diamond blade mounted to a handheld grinder to create different shapes and patterns. Scoring can be used to create a particular shape – like a fleur de lis – or it can be used to create random patterns that mimic what exists in nature. Our homeowners wanted a natural stone-like look, so that’s what exactly what we gave them!

Scoring gives us a lot of flexibility as we can make rounded, organic shapes or angular ones, just depending on what our client requests. First, our guys used chalk to draw some rough outlines. Then they tweaked the shape and size of these patterns in concrete to match what our homeowners were looking for. Because the goal was to create a more natural appearance, the shapes were somewhat jagged and random just like real stones are with a random mixture of large and small shapes interspersed throughout the patio.

Once our homeowners signed off on the shapes, the guys began carefully following the chalked outlined patterns in concrete with a handheld grinder, cutting into the floor and making it permanent. After scoring we wrapped it up with some custom staining and sealing. The end result was a stunning patio floor that would no longer be overshadowed by the huge yard. Once we were finished with the job, the only thing lacking was a roaring fire and some smiling friends and family to enjoy the beautiful space.

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